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Taproot Intensive

Dig deep into the new paradigms that Taproot unleashed in this intensive class that will cover tapscript, Schnorr, FROST, and MuSig2. Experts only.

Taproot Intensive

Want to get quickly up to speed on the last Bitcoin soft-fork, taproot?

In this course we’ll walk through three ways of doing multisig transactions. Each of these will show off a new aspect of the Taproot update, as well as two new multisig signature algorithms.

Things you’ll learn

  • Tapscript opcode changes
  • Script path spends
  • Pubkey spends
  • MuSig2

Exercises in this class will be in Python using Replit.

What to know before class (pre-requisites)

You must have a strong understanding of Bitcoin transaction basics, such as:

  • Script
  • Merkle Trees
  • secp256k1

With the exception of Merkle trees, these topics are covered in our flagship Transactions Deep Dive class.