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Ordinal Theory

What are ordinals? Learn about ordinal theory, hunt for exotic sats, make your first inscription, and learn all about how PSBT-offer marketplaces work.

Ordinal Theory

Ordinals and Inscriptions rocked the blockchain in early 2023. What is this new extra-chain protocol that Casey Rodarmor introduced to Bitcoin?

In this class, we’ll explore ordinal theory, use Python to hand-encode our own Inscriptions into the chain, get a feel for how the ord client works, and build PSBTs for our inscriptions that we can submit to Ordinal offer marketplaces.

Exercises in this class will be in Python using Replit.

What to know before class (pre-requisites)

It’s strongly recommended that you have a strong understanding of bitcoin transactions and PSBTs before taking this class, such as the topics taught in flagship our Transactions Deep Dive, wallets, and Taproot courses.

Assumed knowledge

  • PSBTs
  • Tapscript

You should be proficient in some programming language, and comfortable with the idea of learning (or using Python).

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